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Special admission for foreign students at the University of Chile

Special admission for foreign students at the University of Chile
Special admission for foreign students at the University of Chile
Special admission for foreign students at the University of Chile

This special admission is for students applying to the complete career and to undergraduate studies.

There are two ways of being accepted as a foreign student at the University of Chile:

A1) by the sub-program if the Students Mobility Plan (PME) for free international students, which allows the under and post graduate students to carry out partial studies at the University of Chile. They will incorporate an international experience to their university training. These studies last one or two semesters and allow the students to obtain an official certification for the academic activities achieved at the University of Chile, to be recognized by their university of origin. These studies don't lead to an academic degree or a professional title of this university. The free international student registers for seminaries/internship/regular courses at the University of Chile in one or more Faculties/Institutes, according to the previous university experience of the student and his handling of the Spanish language (the language in which the courses are taught). The definitive program of studies will be defined once the student is in Chile and will be accepted in the topics/seminaries/programs of his interest. The students can also be admitted through a specific agreement between Faculties/Schools of both Universities. They must first be accepted by the Faculty/Institute concerned.

Services and Benefits

The University of Chile, through the Intelligent University Card (TUI), offers to the free international students registered the whole range of services that we offer to the regular students


The cost will depend on the number of credits of every course in which the student is registered. Compulsory semester register: USD 235.00.-

The fees will depend on the number of registered courses and their credits, considering a value of 100 USD per credit.
The students coming from universities with an arrangement with the University of Chile are detached from the payment of the fees. The Spanish Course has a compulsory cost for all the categories of students. Its cost includes the payment of a semester register fee + USD 550 per level.

A2) the students with secondary studies abroad or with a special admission for studies leading to professional titles or a degree at the University of Chile. The applicants will have to go through a selection test whose bases will be available for free download. The university decree DU 20.007 of June 22th 2005 and its following modifications regulate this application process.

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