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Graduate studies

Graduate school

Graduate school
Graduate school

Founded in 1958, the Graduate School of the Faculty of Dentistry of the University of Chile has been recognized as a leader institution in the training of researchers, specialists and higher-level academicians in the different subjects of Dentistry, promoting the continuous education, supported by the University of Chile.

The mission of the specialization is to prepare the dental surgeon to solve high difficulty problems in the Dentistry practice; whereas the Master program prepares high-level academicians to do university teaching and qualified and creative researchers at the service of the country.

Currently, the Graduate school offers a varied studies plan, including Master programs in Dental Science in 2 mentions; 10 Professional Specialization programs, 2 Professional Specialization programs and 1 Certification program using the distance learning technology and 14 postgraduate diplomas, for general dentists as well as for specialists.

During its 54 years of existence, around 3.000 students have graduated from the Graduate School, whose extensive career and recognized prestige put it as the main Chilean University in the development of the improvement and the update, from both, National and Foreign Dentists.


During the 2012 Academic Year, the Graduate School receives 431 students in all, 30% of which are foreign students, Latin-Americans and Europeans.

Road accessibility

With a privileged location in the center of Providencia' suburb. the Graduate School offers fluid road access. Its proximity with the Salvador Metro station ensures and makes easier the timely arrival of the Post-graduate and Post-degree students.

Director of the Graduate School: Prof. Dr. Rodrigo Cabello
Coordinator of the Post degree: Prof. Dr. Mauricio Budini



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