Clínica Odontológica

Graduate studies

Application process

Application process

General requirements of admission

The candidate applying for the courses or programs given by the Graduate School must be a graduate Dentist Surgeon or be in possession of a degree from a national o foreign university considered equivalent and corresponding to the content of the given program or course.


All the courses at the Graduate School are given in Spanish and the candidates must speak it very well. Besides, they must manage the English language at a technical level.

Application period

The application period is from January to May of the year preceding the start of the Master, Specialization or Certification program.

Required personal documents

Together with the application form, the résumé and the documents proving the reported records must be enclosed. This must be made according to the indicated guideline of records. The Academic Commission will study and grade the records of each candidate for the different programs. According to it, the Commission will establish a priority order among them and will determine the list of accepted candidates. The registration to the different courses must be done at the Graduate School's secretary office.


The courses and programs work under the general rules of assessment and the minimal mark to pass the course must be equal or higher than 5.


The fees are different for each course and are in accordance with the amount of hours. The values don't include the material necessary for these courses, such as photocopies, materials, instruments and the university taxes for the certification.


The duration of the programs and courses is expressed in credits. Each credit is equivalent to 18 hours.



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