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Mission and vision of the Faculty

Mission and vision of the Faculty
Mission and vision of the Faculty
Mission and vision of the Faculty
Mission and vision of the Faculty

The Faculty of Dentistry of the University of Chile is the academic and state organism, in charge of carrying out specific Teaching, Research and Extension in the different areas of Dentistry.

The Faculty complements and supports the activities related to the task identifying her, using the knowledge given by the basic biological disciplines, related to the Health Area. Its responsibilities include all the contributions which, as a result of the constant advance in science and technology, promote the improvement of already acquired achievements.

The purposes of the Faculty of Dentistry are to elaborate and adapt the strategic objectives of the University to our academic unit. These are:

  1. Consolidate the quality and pertinence of the Undergraduate programs.
  2. Consolidate the national leadership and advance in the international recognition of the Graduate programs.
  3. Strengthen and consolidate the scientific research and the creation.
  4. Boost the Extension as a mean of connection with the community.
  5. Improve and modernize the university administration and the patrimony development.
  6. Consolidate the external connections and move forward with the internationalization of the Institution.

The Faculty is a reference in the dentistry education in our country, since its graduates represent the majority of the national professionals and many of them stand out in the leadership of the Chilean dentistry field, taking part in ministerial, public and private institutional instances, and as deans or directors of new Faculties and Schools of Dentistry of recently founded Universities. Besides, during every admission process, our unit attracts students presenting the highest scores at the national University Selection Test (PSU).

The unit has a School of Postgraduate Studies where 9 professional specialization programs, 4 distance learning professional specialization programs, 11 Master degrees and programs in Dentistry Science with 5 specializations are given. Many national and international faculties send their academicians do the postgraduate and post degree programs of our unit.

The Faculty of Dentistry also organizes Refresher and Knowledge Extension Courses.

Fourth and fifth grade students travel to give dental care to different places of the country where no continuous attention exists for the people. This activity is included in the Summer and Winter Voluntary Works. Besides the Extension activities, Workshops and educative Speeches are continuously organized in the national community and in extramural activities of the students in different areas, both urban and rural.

Our academic unit is constantly in touch with national and foreign entities, among which the following Universities can be mentioned:

University of Florida, University of Pittsburgh, Université de Sherbrooke, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Universidad CES, Universidad de Antioquia, Universidad del Valle, among others.

Dean: Prof. Dr. Jorge Gamonal Aravena.

Vice-dean: Prof. Dr. Juan Cortés Araya.

Shared Mission Shared Vision

"The Faculty of Dentistry of the University of Chile is a university community which convokes young talents and professionals and takes charge of their whole training in undergraduate and postgraduate, with a high knowledge of scientific, technical and ethical competences through research, teaching and extension. They are developed as a human resource integrated and taking an active part in the health policies and meet with the necessities of health care in our country"

"The Faculty of Dentistry of the University of Chile will be a leading higher-education institution in the training of dentists and will contribute to the training of professionals of excellence in the health area of the country. We will develop health actions and give undergraduate and postgraduate programs with excellence in teaching, technology adapted to the globalized world, based on the values of commitment, honesty, respect and solidarity. We will keep our high standards in research and be a reference in this area. We will establish policies for our development and settlement in a national and international context, as one of the institutions at the forefront in health subjects, with a high social commitment and leaders in the dental area".



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