Clínica Odontológica



Founded in 1888, we are the first Dental School in the country

The university teaching of Dentistry started at the end of 1888 at the School of Dentistry, an annex of the San Vicente de Paul Hospital and depending on the Medicine and Pharmacy Faculty, with courses lasting two years.

The school worked successfully in 5 different places: San Vicente de Paul Hospital's building, 165 Estado Street next to San Augustin, on the corner of Catedral Street with San Martin, Lord Cochrane with 113 Alonso Ovalle and Agustinas.

In 1909 the so-called "Becker's Crime" was solved, thank to the dental expertises made to a body burnt in the fire of the German legation in Chile by the Director of the School of Dentistry at that time, Dr. German Valenzuela Basterrica. These expertises made it possible to solve the mysterious crime case which was putting at risk the bilateral relations between Chile and Germany, cleaning up the image of an innocent man and delivering to the justice the real culprit.

In this scenario, the President of The Republic, Sir Pedro Montt, met with Dr. Valenzuela, convinced that he had done a very useful favour to the country and after congratulating him, offered him a reward on behalf of the Chilean government. Faced with this reward, Dr. Valenzuela, who had acquired his knowledge in Paris, answered he wished "the construction of a modern Dental School, which is so necessary for the country".

The new Dental School, located in 571, Santa Maria Avenue, Recoleta, Santiago, was officially inaugurated on September 11th 1911 with the presence of the President of the Chilean Republic, Sir Ramon Barros Luco.

In 1916, the Dental School is officially recognized as depending on the Faculty of Medicine. One year later, the profession is legally recognized by the Law 3.301.

In 1923, under the decree no. 1650, dated of July the 5th, it received the name of "Escuela Dental Dr. Germán Valenzuela Basterrica", a title still carried by our Dental School nowadays.

In 1945, the Facultad de Odontología is settled. Its first dean was Dr. Alfonso Leng Haygus, National Prize of Art for his outstanding talent as a composer.

In January 2007, the Dental School at Santa Maria avenue is moved to its brand-new grounds located in 750, La Paz Avenue, Independencia, a place where, since April of the same year, the modern Dentistry Clinic of the Universidad de Chile is operating, which is the Faculty of Dentistry's fundamental building.

With over 100 years of career, the Faculty of Dentistry of the Universidad de Chile still keeps the first position among the faculties of the same area in our country, remaining on the top of the list of the more appreciated Schools of Dentistry, according to the annual survey of the "Qué Pasa" magazine.



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