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National Museum of Dentistry

National Museum of Dentistry
National Museum of Dentistry

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As a witness of the history of dentistry in Chile, the National Museum of Dentistry holds a unique and priceless patrimonial heritage whose only custodian is the Faculty of Dentistry of the University of Chile and whose chapters have been written since 1888.

Among the most remarkable pieces of the Museum, a stress can be put on the display cabinet containing the skull of Mr. Ezequiel Tapia, expertised in 1909 by Dr. Germán Valenzuela Basterrica, in those years Director of the School of Dentistry. He did a significant favor to the country by contributing, through his forensic dental exam, to the clarification of an emblematic crime case known as the "Becker Case" in which the bilateral relationships between Chile and Germany were involved. That meant for him a reward from the Chilean State which allowed the construction of the Dental School in 1911.

Besides, among the valuable pieces exposed we can find the first dental chair, which arrived to Chile en 1900 and was used in the San Borja Hospital, field chairs, pedal machines, dental units, x-ray equipment, sterilization equipment, samples of dental pieces, a collection of tooth-extraction forceps, tools and syringes, just to mention some.

In addition, there are information panels, containing the history of this health science in the country and a special photographic souvenir of the main events in the Faculty of Dentistry of the University of Chile, founded in 1945 and whose firs Dear was Dr. Alfonso Leng.

Also, the press archive exposed shows a copy of the first magazine of the Dental School of our University, published in 1917 under the name "Curvo sobre el borde".

At present, the Museum of Dentistry is in a remodeling process.




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